Preferred Contractor Program



You may view or download a list of our Preferred Contractor Program participants who have expertise in fire, smoke, water and mold remediation and cleaning, clothing restoration and construction services. Our Preferred Contractors provide service in Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia. Each contractor listed has undergone a lengthy review process to qualify for the program and is monitored to verify that procedures are followed.

Although we do not warranty their work, our Preferred Contractor Program has been devised to provide a timely response on the repairs to your home/business. You are under no obligation to use a contractor on this list and can choose a contractor outside of the Program. The claim will be handled in our usual fashion. Any use of these Preferred Contractors by you represents your decision to choose the vendor and work with them without liability to MMG.

If you have questions regarding our Preferred Contractor Program, please contact MMG’s Preferred Contractor Coordinator at 1-877-224-0751 or by email at