Farm Owner Umbrella Insurance

MMG Farm Owner Umbrella InsuranceMMG’s Farm Owner Umbrella provides an extra layer of liability protection for everything you’ve worked so hard for.

A seasonal farm worker is injured on the job and requires costly medical attention…
You are hauling grain and lose control of the truck…
Your farm animal escapes from its fenced area and causes a serious accident…

Impossible scenarios? Think again. With all the day-to-day uncertainty you face as a farm owner, the only sure thing you can count on is the unexpected. Yes, your basic farm owner insurance will most likely protect you and your farm against most accidents and other common mishaps. But what if something unusual happens— something you could never have predicted? Would your business and family be protected?

In all likelihood, your basic policy liability limits are not large enough to cover every potential disaster. And unfortunately, large or catastrophic liability claims can cause severe financial difficulties— even force your farm into bankruptcy.

Protect your piece of the world with a Farm Umbrella Policy from MMG Insurance. Your policy can help shield you from litigation, providing an additional layer of liability protection that picks up where your other policies leave off. In fact, our Farm Umbrella Policy is an extremely affordable way to get the extra coverage you need from being sued for bodily injury and/or property damage. For example, if you have $1,000,000 coverage with a MMG Insurance Farm Owner Policy, and you are sued for $1,500,000, your Farm Umbrella Policy would pay the outstanding $500,000. That’s a lot less painful than having to dig into your own profits to pay off the debt.

Be sure to ask your Independent Insurance Agent about:

  • Which liability option best fits your needs.
  • Underlying policy and self-insured retention requirements.
  • How you can save money and get the convenience of just one bill by combining your MMG Farm Umbrella Policy with other MMG Insurance Company policies as part of a “Portfolio Package.”