Billing & Payment FAQs

If you have additional questions not addressed below, please contact the MMG Insurance Customer Service Department at 1-888-MMG-BILL or 1-888-664-2455.

What are MMG Insurance’s regular business hours?

Our regular business hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST Monday through Friday.

What is a Billing Account?

A Billing Account is an account created to enable the policyholder to designate who, how, how often and when they receive their insurance premium invoice or EFT withdrawal notification. A policyholder may elect to create separate accounts for each insurance policy, or combine multiple insurance policies under a single account.

What are the various options for paying an invoice?

MMG Insurance’s flexible billing choices allow the policyholder to choose the payment options that work best for them. Visit the Billing & Payment Options section of our website for a more detailed explanation of MMG’s billing options.

Can a gift card be used to pay premium?

In order to help keep our site safe and secure, we require that MMG’s Customer Service Department (1-888-664-2455) be contacted during regular business hours to make a payment using a gift card. Keep these simple tips in mind before calling:

  • The gift card must bear the VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express logo.
  • The gift card must be properly activated and cannot be expired.
Can payment be split over multiple credit cards?

Online payments must be made using a single credit card. However, the same credit card does not have to be used every time an online payment is made.

To split payment over multiple credit cards, please contact MMG’s Customer Service Department at 1-888-MMG-BILL (1-888-664-2455) during regular business hours.

What happens if only a partial payment is made?

If the minimum amount due is not paid by the due date, a Notice of Cancellation for Nonpayment will be issued. The due date will not be extended by the application of a partial payment. If the full amount due is received prior to the cancellation effective date, a reinstatement notice will be sent.

What happens if payment is not received by the cancellation due date?

If payment is received after the final cancellation date the policy will be cancelled for nonpayment of premium.

What happens if payment is received after the due date?

If payment is received after the due date but prior to the final cancellation date we will accept the payment. The Billing Account will be assessed a late fee.

When does MMG Insurance mail invoices?

Invoices are mailed at least 21 days prior to the due date.

Where should payment be mailed?

Each invoice has a perforated tear off section to be placed in the window envelope (postage paid) provided by MMG. Mail payments to:

MMG Insurance Company
P.O. BOX 15011
Lewiston, ME 04243-9561

When will a refund check be mailed (if applicable)?

A refund check will be mailed 10 days after the status of the Billing Account reflects paid in full or cancelled.

When will payment be posted to the Billing Account?

Payments made online are posted immediately. Please allow 24 hours for the payment to be reflected in the account details on the billing page.

Can payment be applied to one insurance policy in the billing account?

Yes, to make a payment on only one policy, click on Pay on Specific Policy during the online payment process.

Can payments be automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account?

Yes, with EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), payments can be automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account.

With EFT, what happens if there are insufficient funds in the checking or savings account to cover the withdrawal amount?

If there are insufficient funds available on the first attempt to withdraw funds from the account, MMG’s bank will automatically make a second attempt. If on the second try there are still insufficient funds to cover the withdrawal amount, the policyholder will receive a Notice of Cancellation for Nonpayment with the minimum amount due to be paid prior to the cancellation effective date.

How soon should a policyholder notify their Agent or MMG Insurance if they want to change their payment plan on renewal?

MMG typically renews a policy 45 days in advance of the policy expiration date. Therefore, a policyholder should notify MMG Insurance or their Independent Agent 60 days prior to the policy renewal date to ensure the change in payment plan is made.

If a change is made to the policy in the middle of a billing cycle, should payment be made on the invoice that is received that month?

Yes. Even if a change has recently been made to the policy, payment of at least the minimum amount on the most recent bill received should be made. Any adjustments to the Billing Account, either additional bill charges or credits, will be reflected in subsequent bills.

Why is the minimum due referenced on the Notice of Cancellation for Nonpayment less than the minimum due reflecting on the Account Invoice?

Although fees may be assessed on the account, they are not included in the minimum due reflecting on the Notice of Cancellation for Nonpayment. Fees will be collected in a future installment.

How can a policyholder switch to paperless statements?

Click on Manage My Account and register or login to MyMMG. Once logged in, click on “My Service” then “Paper Free Options” and select electronic statements for each desired policy. Selecting to “Go Paper Free” will turn off paper statements and make policy documents accessible electronically through MyMMG.