Knowledgeable and professional

The adjuster from MMG handled the matter professionally and with a delightful sense of humor and perspective.  We all worked together and I experienced what insurance can be like if sold by a reputable, knowledgeable and professional agency and carrier. Thank you so much for getting me up and running as fast as possible and keeping me in business!  I will recommend anyone involved, and have already sung your praises to anyone that asks.

A personalized approach

I use three words to describe MMG’s approach: fair, efficient and swift. Their underwriters take a personalized approach to our clients and deal with them in a very professional manner. They are especially good in our clients’ time of greatest need, when they have a claim to file.

Forward-thinking business strategy

We are a community-oriented company with a long-term plan to be here to sell insurance far into the future. Our perseverance is matched by MMG’s forward-thinking business strategy and client commitment. Their ability to be nimble and flexible, regardless of the need, is something many other insurance companies strive to match.


What a great company

I have colleagues in other states that get appointments from MMG and say ‘Wow, what a great company’. I’ve gotten to know senior management, which I don’t even get to see from carriers we’ve represented for fifty years.’ This is something you don’t often see from large national carriers and sometimes even the large regionals.

Lots of good synergy

There’s lots of good synergy. Like us, they are Maine-based, and there is an increased level of trust and respect of sustainability. We’re confident the relationship will continue for years to come.

Important core values

Even though we and MMG are miles apart geographically, I feel that our respective areas share important core values: a strong work ethic, a sense of community, and a friendly attitude towards others. And these values are present throughout their organization, from top to bottom.

MMG is flexible, nimble and hard-working on behalf of policyholders. As part of the younger generation, I also appreciate their adoption of social media to build staff and community connections.


Excellent representatives

I cannot impress upon you enough the professionalism, the compassion, and the immense timeliness displayed, time and time again as we went through ‘the process’ with MMG. We now fully know that when we really need insurance at times like this, your company, and its excellent representatives are there!

Commitment to civic excellence

We tend to be a very community-based agency, and MMG shares a strong commitment to civic excellence. You hear that from other companies, but MMG does it. This is a ‘people’ business, and they have great people.

Thank you!

I just registered to access my account online.  Due to some typical lack of planning by one of my teenage daughters the weekend prior to her Monday morning drivers test, she discovered that the ID card for the vehicle would be expired before the test.  After quickly registering at MMG’s online site I printed off a current copy of the necessary ID card and got back in the car for more parallel parking practice.  This was really slick.  Thank You!

BEST insurance experience I’ve ever had!

Thank you for the BEST insurance experience I’ve ever had! My windshield claim was fast and efficient! Although I haven’t had many dealings with insurance claims MMG was by far the easiest and most pleasant! MMG is insurance as it should be! Thank you!

MMG answered ALL my little questions

Overall – I have no complaints!” MMG answered ALL my little questions without fail, clarified communications regarding the process, and was very professional throughout the process. Thank you for making this otherwise crazy mess – manageable and not so bad!

Changed to MMG!

We have already shared our prior experiences with a friend and he changed his insurance company to MMG!

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