Closing Interior Doors Decreases Fire Risks

Due to an increase in synthetic materials being used in both home construction and furniture manufacturing, home fires are burning hotter and spreading more quickly than ever before.  According to research from the non-profit Underwriters Laboratories, closing interior doors in your home can make a dramatic difference when it comes to your safety and the damage incurred during a home fire.

Underwriters Laboratories found that during a home fire a closed interior door can lead to a 900-degree temperature reduction when compared to a home fire with open interior doors. Additionally,carbon monoxide levels are reduced dramatically in a room with a closed door versus an open door. 

Fire requires oxygen to burn and spread. By closing the doors in your home, you can isolate the oxygen in your room from the fire.  This allows additional time to breathe as well as reduces the opportunity for the fire to enter the room.  This time is crucial to allow you to exit the home safely and for fire professionals and first responders to arrive on scene and assist in putting the fire out before extensive damage ensues. 

In summary, closing interior doors has the effect of reducing smoke and increasing oxygen in the room, reducing the fire temperature, reducing fire damage, and increasing escape or rescue time which can improve survivability rates. Incorporate this preventative action into your daily life to help protect your piece of the world.