Reopening During COVID-19

As businesses across the country prepare to reopen after closures due to COVID-19, we have compiled some suggestive action steps to consider implementing as you map out your reopening plans. A clear and safe approach will inspire confidence with your employees and customers.

  • Abide by federal, state, and local rules and guidelines: Remain informed on changes to guidelines and ensure that you are meeting all health and safety measures. The Center for Disease Control website is an informative resource for business owners.
  • Monitor your health and the health of your employees: Create a plan for all members of your team to comply with. Educate employees about your company‚Äôs sick leave policy and ensure that OSHA guidelines are met.
  • Continue to practice physical distancing: Stay at least 6 feet away from customers and co-workers at all times. Mark distancing zones on the floor or create other barriers that help employees and customers comply.
  • Reduce the use of shared equipment: Provide employees with additional equipment access or set schedules for use.
  • Establish cleaning rules: Post directions on how to properly clean common equipment such as copiers, industry specific tools, or machinery and provide sanitizing materials to ensure cleanliness.
  • Promote the use of PPE: Create guidelines regarding the use of masks and other personal protective equipment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Consider providing hand sanitizer: Create sanitizing opportunities for your staff and customers.
  • Limit group numbers: Evaluate the need for in-person meetings and limit use of common gathering areas such as lunch rooms, gyms, and customer service desks.
  • Assess if you can alter your business hours: By adjusting working hours, you can stagger schedules to limit contact and secure customer-free hours for cleaning.

While this list of suggestions is intended to provide you with a starting place for reopening your business, it is not a complete list. We strongly suggest you review federal, state, and local regulations to tailor your plan to meet the needs of your business and community.