Home Heating Cost Savings Tips


As consumers, we all feel the effects of the current economic inflation and ever-rising energy costs. Over the past year, average heating oil prices have increased by 50%, natural gas has risen by 18%, and propane has gone up by 42%. With winter quickly approaching and fuel bills on the rise – it might be time to start looking at alternative heating methods. If that is not an option, or you’re looking for additional cost savings tips, check out our recommendations to ensure your home is toasty warm this winter. 


Service Your Furnace 

Have your furnace annually serviced and cleaned by a professional. For a forced hot air furnace, have the technician change the filter, which could save up to 5% of heating fuel costs and helps reduce dust in the home. For a hot water baseboard heating system, have the professional clean the boiler, change the nozzle, and check the oil filter at the oil tank.

Properly Insulate Attic & Attic Access Doors

Make sure your attic access is well insulated. Check the attic insulation depth and add insulation to the recommended R-values according to your region.

Quick-Seal Windows & Doors

Windows are some of the biggest culprits for heat loss, so insulating them properly is essential. Seal open spaces with rope caulk before shrink wrapping. Payback is fast on this inexpensive technique because heat lost through windows accounts for 10-25% of your overall heating bill. Add weather stripping and door sweeps to exterior doors to minimize drafts.  

Reverse Ceiling Fan Blades

Reverse ceiling fan blade rotation in the spring and fall. If you have heated floors, turn off ceiling fans. If you have forced air heat, turn them on.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Make sure your furniture and other objects aren’t blocking airflow from forced air vents and cold air returns, and ensure that the vents are open.

Basement Insulation

Insulate the rim joist between the top of the foundation wall and the floor joist to prevent air infiltration and protect pipes from freezing.

Heat Pumps

Have your heat pump annually cleaned and serviced by a professional to maximize the efficiency of your unit.