Preventing Dog Bites

Dogs are a staple in many households. Whether they’ve been adopted from the local animal shelter or purchased from a breeder, many people consider their furry friends a member of the family. However, with that love and companionship comes a big responsibility when it comes to the animal’s behavior.

Some breeds of dogs can be more prone to aggressive behavior, however, any dog, large or small, has the potential to be triggered by certain circumstances and cause serious injury. It happens more often than you might think. In fact, canine bites and attacks are a relatively common exposure on a homeowner’s liability policy.

While a dog’s behavior and reaction can be unpredictable, but there are still steps you can take as a pet owner to help mitigate the risk of that behavior. A few examples of dog bite/attack prevention methods include the following:

  • Learn what causes your dog stress and try to avoid those situations
  • Familiarize your dog with social settings at a young age to help it become comfortable around other people and animals
  • If your dog shows signs of aggression, seek professional help to work on resolving those issues
  • Spay or neuter your dog as it can help lessen aggressive behavior or tendencies
  • Be sure to have your dog properly secured when outdoors, including using a leash when being walked
  • If someone wants to pet your dog, encourage them to approach the dog in a relaxed manner and allow the dog time to acclimate to the person
  • Never leave small children alone with your dog regardless of the dog’s past and expected behavior
  • If your dog has had puppies recently, keep visitors away from both the puppies and the mother as she may be more protective than usual

If you have a dog, be sure to tell your insurance company what breed the dog is. Failing to do so can jeopardize liability coverage should the animal injure someone. And remember, proper precautions and training are key in protecting those around you while giving you and your pawed pal peace of mind.