MMG Insurance donates $10,000 to TAMC’s Imaging Center capital campaign

MMG Insurance has given $10,000 to help fund new imaging technology at The Aroostook Medical Center.

Larry Shaw, President & CEO of MMG Insurance, said the company made the gift because of the impact this upgrade will have on the company’s employees and the community.

“At MMG Insurance, we see great value in supporting infrastructure that promises to directly improve the lives and health of our employees and their families as well as the greater community. Given the frequency of use of the imaging center for a wide variety of diagnosis and treatment, this will provide an important resource close to home for many.” Shaw said.

TAMC is seeking to update two x-ray rooms and its fluoroscopy room to digital radiography, which is faster and more convenient than the technology currently being used. More importantly, digital radiography exposes patients to lower doses of radiation and can provide better quality images.MMG Donates to TAMC Imaging Center

Randy Bacon oversees the Imaging Center as TAMC’s Director of Ancillary Services. He noted that the hospital does about 17,500 radiography exams each year, and all sorts of diseases, illnesses and injuries are first detected with imaging.

“Imaging plays such a critical role in healthcare,” Bacon said. “X-rays aren’t just for broken bones, and it isn’t just Emergency Department patients who need these exams. Anyone might find themselves, at any time, in need of radiography. And when they do, we want to be sure TAMC has the best radiography technology available to help them.”

To that end, a capital campaign to raise funds for the new technology began last summer. Over the last six months, donations have been received from trustees, leadership, and staff at the hospital as well as a few anonymous benefactors and foundations.

More than $100,000 has been raised and MMG Insurance’s donation gives a sizable boost to fundraising efforts.

TAMC President Greg LaFrancois said the company’s gift is greatly appreciated. “MMG impressed me immediately upon my arrival to the County,” LaFrancois said. “They care deeply about our community and are out front when it comes time to act. This donation demonstrates their incredible support for our community.”

*Pictured (front row, from left): Hollie Gowen, TAMC; Dawn Poitras, TAMC; Lynn Lombard, TAMC and EMHS Trustee;  Larry Shaw, MMG.  Back row, from left): Laura Martin, MMG; Greg LaFrancois, TAMC; and Randy Bacon, TAMC.