MMG Recognized as a “2018 Business Rules Excellence Award Winner”

MMG Insurance has been named a 2018 Business Rules Excellence Award Winner. The award honors the Company’s innovation, impact, and implementation of work surrounding replacement of core technology systems. MMG earned among the highest ratings of all entries – one of only a handful of submissions worldwide to achieve such recognition.

Three years ago, MMG Insurance began its business transformation journey involving legacy system replacement and customer-facing portal modernization. MMG’s future growth plan required that the technology platform supporting the Company’s core business processes was robust, agile, and scalable. In partnership with MMG’s core system vendor and several third parties, the Company completed the first part of this journey in February 2018; the replacement of its Billing system.

Despite challenges that arose with international teams, conflicting terminology and miscommunication, MMG prevailed. Teams leaned on a mutual dedication to managing rules and terminology in a consistent, business-friendly, and shareable way to create a single source of truth. MMG and vendor terminology was aligned into a single enterprise model, allowing Change Agents to develop trainings and for seamless data conversion mapping and validation between systems. Developers used this model as the basis for UI elements, messages, and automated test cases. Additionally, test coverage executed by Quality Analysts proved to benefit from this single source as well.

As a result of these collective efforts, upon release of the new Billing system, MMG employees were fully trained on relevant changes, over 400,000 records had been converted with 99.99% accuracy, and both workflow and the user experience were enhanced. Instrumental to this success was effective business rule and terminology management – both of which mirror the focus of the Business Rules Excellence Awards.

“By winning this award, MMG is recognized internationally as an innovator and leader in the business rules space,” says Eric Brown, Business Analyst at MMG Insurance. “It validates the immense value of a business rules approach, something we have been practicing for over 7 years.”

Organizations recognized by BREA are judged in the following areas: Business and Operational Impact, Innovation, and Implementation. All award winners will be published in an upcoming new book on Business Rules.

About the Business Rules Excellence Awards

 The topical focus of the Business Rules Excellence Awards (BREA) includes business rules, business vocabulary and decisions. These prestigious annual global awards recognize user organizations that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative solutions to meet strategic business objectives. The Awards program was founded by Business Rules Solutions. The awards program is managed by Future Strategies Inc.