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Putting the Priority on Planning and Training

Customer safety and fire safety. These two things are among my biggest concerns when surveying and inspecting commercial properties. Although we often hear the phrase “safety first”, I believe proper planning and training should come first – because they lead to safe practices. Some of the most common areas of concern related to customer safety and […]

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Winter Worries: How to Avoid Ice Backup and Collapse Concerns

This winter has brought below normal temperatures and plenty of snow – which is the perfect recipe for ice backup and collapse concerns. Fortunately, there are some preventative measures you can take to avoid the stress that comes with those winter worries. The first step is understanding the problem. Ice backup forms when rising heat […]

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Safely Navigating Winter Roads: The Importance of Snow Tires

Winter. It often brings to mind mountains of gleaming white snow, children playfully building snowmen and sledding downneatly groomed hills. However, anyone who lives in a winter wonderland knows the true illustration regularly includes a pitch black commute home from work at five o’clock, stuck in a line of vehicles all braving the same frozen […]

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